We’ll see the end of it — FG blows hot on attacks against Nigerians in China

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We’ll see the end of it — FG blows hot on attacks against Nigerians in China
We’ll see the end of it — FG blows hot on attacks against Nigerians in China

The federal government has announced that it has made it vividly to China that they won’t be accepting any form of unfairness or racism attacks against Nigerians and other Africans in the country. 

Geoffrey Onyeama Minister of foreign affairs revealed this at the daily media briefing of the presidential task force on COVID-19 on Thursday April 23. 

He disclosed that the Nigerian government and other African nations are currently working together to ensure such incident never occurs again. 

Onyeama said; 

“Now we have been engaging with Chinese government at various levels at the level of our Consulate in Guangzhou, which is where these cases of discrimination and racism having taking place and also at the federal level in Beijing with our ambassador. 

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“So we’ve made it known to the Chinese government in no uncertain terms that under no circumstances will we accept racial discrimination against Nigerians or indeed Africans or blacks in China, that that is a red line for us.

“They have in turn told us that that there is no case of that ongoing but clearly, you know, we are seeing video, I have received reports and we’ve told them it’s unacceptable and we’re also engaging with other African countries to decide and work together on definitive steps and measures that we will take because of this situation.”

The Minister also disclosed that the Nigerian consulate in Guangzhou, has been directed to detail every single case of discrimination and loss or damage suffered by any Nigerian. 

He added; 

“We will pursue each and every single one very robustly with the Chinese government. If it requires compensation, damages etc”.

“So for us, as I said, it’s a red line and we’re going to fight till the very end. We’re extremely disappointed because we have excellent relations with the government and people of China the such a thing can happen at this stage and you know when there were calls for travel to be banned to China when recorded the outbreak in Wuhan and so forth, we went along with the World Health organisation’s advice, not to place a ban on China. 

“We showed solidarity because we’ve also had our own experience of epidemics with Ebola and so forth, you know, but really we’re deeply wounded by what has happened to Nigerians and other Africans in China, of course, the government has given us explanations and so forth, but really it is something we never expected and we will pursue it to its final conclusion and we will not make any compromises in doing so.” Read Here


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