The Damaging Report On Paul Kagama Of Rwanda And The Hypocrisy Of The West

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After reading the damaging reports made by foreign media such as BBC and CNN concerning Rwandan president, Paul Kagama, I was forced to ask certain salient questions. Questions bordering on sound morality. Where were the western media all these while when much other African Head of States are turning themselves into tyrants? What have they done about the Cameroonian President who is committing genocide in the English speaking part of Cameroon known as Ambazonia? What are they saying concerning the Nigeria situation? They watched and said nothing as Nigeria government killed hundreds of Shiite Muslims, massacred IPOB members and imprisoned thousands of others without trial. Are they not seeing the increasing number of journalists currently in prison in Nigeria? Why are they silent, but can quickly tell us about the disappearance of opposition voices in Rwanda? I am not in support of evil anywhere, in whatever kind, but I am totally worried that people that have maintained deep silence about the numerous atrocities happening in Africa, suddenly found their voice and their target is a President working hard to change the face and thinking of Africans.

Currently, the only good news in terms of leadership from Africa is coming from Rwanda. Just years after the Rwandan Genocide, they have reconciled and from the ashes of destruction, they have risen to build a nation. They have re-channeled the minds of the young in their country to aspire for the best. Today, Rwanda is rapidly growing. They have a president that is set to move the nation forward. He is not after looting and corruption. He is setting an example. Today, they are producing even smartphones in Rwanda. The Rwandan President is a complete contrast to what is obtainable in Africa.

In Africa, we have selfish leaders who do not care about the future of Africa. They loot the resources in Africa and dump them in European banks. They buy properties worth billions in America and across the world. They keep borrowing and begging for aides across America and Europe. Unfortunately, these are the type of leaders the world wants for Africa. They protect them and shade them from media scrutiny, but will go after the only President that is doing well. This is exactly how they destroyed Libya, using media propaganda to justify the atrocities they committed in Libya. The once stable Libya has now become a pitiable failed state, characterized with a lot of chaos.

I have heard people say that Africa is poor. This is a lie from the pit of hell. Africa isn’t poor, Africa is mismanaged and looted by puppets of the European powers. Africa has the highest natural resources among the continents of the world. The resources in Africa are sent to Europe by African leaders who seek their protection. This is why European Media will rather attack Paul Kagama who is growing Africa, than expose the atrocities of other inept African leaders.

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Any African leader that wants to empower ordinary Africans becomes an enemy of the West. They use every means, including manipulation to destroy any President that have good intention for Africa. They want Africa to remain indebted to them. That’s the only way they can keep controlling Africa. President Goodluck Jonathan wanted to create an economically independent Nigeria, and they all came out, kicked and blackmailed him using the media, thereby paving way for the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari who has destroyed the economy and brought Nigeria to her knees. Today, Nigeria is dangerously walking into a civil war.

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Africans, and indeed Rwandans should resist every attempt by Western Media to instigate them against the working President of Rwanda. They should know that what they want is to stop what Paul kagama is doing in Rwanda. This is what they did to Biafra. The West feared that Biafra will rise to become another Japan, so they crushed her with propaganda and lies, using BBC. The West knows that what Rwandan President is doing might be copied by other future African leaders. Something that at the long run, will finally liberate Africa from the chains of neo-colonization.

Africa Beware!

Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher and activist. (nickolasohagi@yahoo.com)

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.


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