Nigerian Man narrates, How I paid My Brother to Impregnate my Wife

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How I paid My Brother to Impregnate my Wife, Now He is claiming the Child.

TRUE LIFE STORY – Nigerian man narrates a touching story on how he paid his younger brother to impregnate his wife, and Now he is claiming the child.

It started some years back when I tested impotence due to the ghastly accident I got involved which almost claimed my life.

I’m a business tycoon, I have money but it’s unfortunate that my money couldn’t be of any help to my case. I contracted my junior brother to do me favor four years ago after I have gotten married to my beautiful wife, the job was to help me impregnate my wife.

I paid him a very huge amount of money to do it and seal it permanently. Fortunately, the job was a successful one, as I drugged my wife severally to allow my junior brother to do the job. Done and dusted, my wife got pregnant, delivered of a baby boy.

My junior brother who I sponsored his travel outside the country, heard about the news of my wife’s delivery, called me and said CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH OF US!.

His statement got me worried. But I pretended to be a man I am. The problem now is that he always calls my wife and always asks “How about our child? “. the wife answered fine without bearing anything in mind until the statement keep coming and my wife asked me what my brother meant by always asking about our child?. Until now, I have never gotten any answer to that question.

To cut the long story short, I paid my junior to help me do the job for me because he’s my blood, but now he is trying to claim the child.

Secondly, I sponsored him abroad, and I also promised him that I will cater to whatever it will take whenever he wants to get married.

if he tries to let my wife know what happened earlier, I will end his existence on earth.

And the house, how do you see this matter?


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