3 Simple Tricks to Win Your Mother-in-law Over

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3 Simple Tricks to Win Your Mother-in-law Over
3 Simple Tricks to Win Your Mother-in-law Over

3 Simple Tricks to Win Your Mother-in-law Over

Your mother-in-law’s presence can be dreadful and limit you from enjoying your marriage as you should. It’s a nightmare every woman fears. If you don’t watch your attitude, you may often be at loggerheads with your husband’s mother.

In a 2017 survey conducted by a law firm, Slater and Gordon, more than half of the people interviewed blamed in-laws for the problems they encountered in their marriages. This finding reveals why it takes more than ideas to win the battle.

Here are three simple tricks to help you feel at home with your mother-in-law.

1. Don’t Get Angry When You See Her

You have a mother and you know the joy you experience when you see her. Your mother-in-law should provoke the same feeling in you. Wouldn’t you think it strange if she cared less about you and your husband? Hold the belief that she wants to see your marriage succeed because you are married to her son. No mother would want her son or daughter to have a failed marriage. So, put away that frown whenever she comes to see her son and the kids. She probably cares about you more than you think.

2. Call Her Regularly

People love to be appreciated and your mother-in-law is no exception. Don’t think it’s out of place to call her on the phone to know how she’s doing. By asking after her welfare, you build a strong relationship that may one day save you from being divorced by your husband. A phone call at least twice a week is not too much, is it? For crying out loud, she’s your mother-in-law and not a sworn enemy. Show her some love and let her know that you still respect her as your husband’s mother.

3. Address Her as ‘Mother’ and Mean It

You may not like the sound of it but nothing helps you get her on your side faster like accepting her the way you accept your mother. No matter how old you are, she is old enough to be your mother. When you use the word ‘mother’, you create a lasting bond. Don’t feel guilty for giving her the same honor you give your mum. Understand that no woman can take the place of your mother and no woman should try to force herself on you. But you don’t have to shut others out just because you have no blood connection with them. Blood is not what makes a family. You and your husband are from different families yet you now call him family. Why should it be strange to see his mother as part of a wider family?

Your marriage and your husband are yours and you don’t have to feel threatened by the presence of your mother-in-law. You are married to her son and not to her. But she is your husband’s mother; therefore, you cannot despise or ignore her presence.

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