Is Morocco truly African?

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Is Morocco truly African?
Is Morocco truly African?

From Bella Niba view,

I have seen this question come up about Moroccans and Egyptians a few times. Needless to say, I see the same two responses. Some who say “of course they are African” and others who go to some trouble to explain why they should not be considered African.

I accept only one definition of who an African is. And it is “a native, inhabitant, or citizen of any of the countries of Africa.”

The reason is simple. As the world becomes more diverse, it will be ridiculous for anyone to be able to determine whether your ancestors are indigenous Africans so you can be qualified as an African.

Besides, if I recall correctly, science may have proven that everyone is from Africa.

But since the point of labels is to categorize, then let’s drop the nuances that are intended to throw in subcategorization and stick to more straight forward definitions.

An identity classification that ties your “African” identity to your ancestral roots is archaic. People migrate from one region to another and as migration increases, diversity will also increase.

 In the coming years, Africa will diversify further as Chinese and people from other continents migrate into the continent for the opportunity. Who are we to say they are any less African just because their heritage is elsewhere?

I really have never met a Moroccan who was not proudly African. In my experience, when I encounter a Moroccan, they typically ask me where I am from when I tell them I am from West Africa, they get really excited (like a long lost brother/sister) and tell me they are my brother/sister from Morocco.

Perhaps someday I will meet Moroccans who don’t consider themselves African but I haven’t had that encounter yet.

From Radovaneh Binovitch view

I am from Morocco and I know my country well

Morocco as a whole is independent of its culture and does not resemble any other country in the West, the East or even in Africa.

Only our rich and privileged class is influenced by French culture 100 percent after the colonial era, but that is not our origin

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Morocco is a country geographically located in Africa

But it is a mixture of races, mostly Arabs and Amazighs

Morocco was inhabited by Jews and Amazigh before Islam

But when Islam ruled him in 670 AD, the Arabs and the citizens of the Middle East rushed to him and merged with his community

Also after the expulsion of Spanish Muslims from Andalusia settled in northern Morocco

Morocco is now inhabited by Arabs, Amazighs, and Jews

For Moroccan culture, there are those who are influenced by western culture,

There are those who are influenced by Arab and Islamic culture

Although there is an Arab and Islamic culture, they do not like the culture and life of the Gulf

The community structure in Morocco is still affected by tribalism:

There is the Amazigh countryside (Nador, Al Hoceima …)

There are Amazigh sous (Agadir, Tiznit …)

There are residents of the north (Tangier, Tetouan(Tetwan), ChefChaouen (Chefchown)…)

There are The Mountain (Taounate(Tawnat), Wazzan …)

There are residents of the East (Oujda(Wajda), Barkan (Berkan) …)

There are coastal inhabitants of the desert (Guelmim (Galmim), Tan Tan, Laayoune, Dakhla ..)

There are the internal inhabitants of the Sahara (Ouarzazate(Warzazat), Zagora(Zagora), Tata ..)

There are residents of the coastal center (Casablanca, Rabat, El Jadida, The plains of Dokkala and Abda, the plain of Chawia …)


All these areas are totally different in their culture from each other and sometimes they may have racial conflicts



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