More than 65 Pakistani’s dead in a filled up passenger train blew up and burst into flames

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More than 65 people have died and many more are critically injured in Pakistan after a filled up passenger train blew up and burst into flames.


The train erupted in a fireball after a stove being used to cook food exploded. The fire destroyed three of the train’s carriages near the town of Rahim Yar Khan in the south of Punjab province.


Sheikh Rashid Ahmed Minister of Railways told ebenews correspondence in Islamabad, “Two cooking stoves blew up. They were cooking, they had (cooking) oil which added fuel to fire.

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He added: “Most deaths occurred from people jumping off the train.”


Police have said many more people are injured, some in a critical condition.

Punjab health minister Dr.Yasmin Rashid Punjab Health minister told Ebenews that more than 40 injured people were being transported to local hospitals.


The government have warned the death toll could still rise, with the military-drafted in to help rescue victims. People sneaking stoves onto trains in order to prepare meals on long journeys is a familiar problem, he said.


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