Land Grabbers (Omo Onile) locked up my Dad’s house in Idimu Lagos, Governor of Lagos should come to our rescue- A Lady says (watch photos)

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This is my Dad’s area. My dad’s house was locked up also in my mum’s shop. They throw both my dad and mum out of the house since last week Friday.

They match my parents out of the house and another landlord’s with about 20 thugs. The thugs are with charms and other dangerous weapons.


They brought about 20 policemen from the Idimu division. The thugs all came with full force threaten to kill any residence that refused to move out of their house.

Since Friday no shop or school were open even till now.

Presently some families that have refused to open their gate has been locked up and imprison them since Friday. This is getting out of hand.

Also, there is a man of 80yrs from my dad’s area that was thrown out with a gunpoint and brought out his properties. Asm I am telling you this particular man is in the hospital.

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This is the address of the affected places where these so-called land grabbers came to operate in Mafon/Iduma.

When you are coming from Ejigbo going toward Idimu. There is a particular place called Mafon.

From Mafon to church bus stop. Adkola street/Akhilele street/ Monsurat Okuleye street/ Akinwumi Koshemani street/ Yomi Shofumade street and also some houses that face the main road going Christland college school area.

This is the best way I can describe the location.

watch more photos;


How can this kind of things be happening in our present government? So Omo Onile is now more powerful than the Lagos state government?

Please, Lagos state government should come and intervene in this ugly situation, and curtail the excesses of this Omo Onile thugs.

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