Kim Kardashian Celebrates 39 years Birthday daze with Topless ‘Nipple Tape’ Display

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Kim Kardashian daze Twitter with Topless 'Nipple Tape' Display
Kim Kardashian daze Twitter with Topless ‘Nipple Tape’ Display

Kim Kardashian has proven she is a master of it is beauty tips and tricks.

While it’s no secret to anyone who has followed the reality star’s beauty regimen over the years that she has had a very intimate relationship with what she calls “nipple tape,” she exposed the raw truth in a series of posts to her Instagram Stories, but it’s the ones she posted to Twitter that threw the social media platform into chaos. After her 39 years birthday.

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Kim was proudly demonstrating a new product in her own Skims line … well, make that two products so she could survive the Instagram censors.

While it was about the body tape, the pasties became essential if she wanted to hit one of her biggest social media platforms and survive its nudity censorship on women.

Kim Kardashian recently had ‘Perfect’ Early Birthday Celebration in Palm Springs with Sisters and Friends.



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