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Gyang Bere, Jos He died on the day he was out celebrating his birthday in a big way. Death, the grim reaper, the one who kills a man on the day his life is sweetest to him, ensured that he did not live to see the following day. It came in form of a speeding car that could have come from nowhere but hell, as it disappeared into the thin air the moment the deed was done, colliding with an equally speeding birthday boy, in high spirits, on a motorbike. But the time it was all over, it left nothing but blood, sorrow and tears.

That is the tragic tale of Fwanshak Gumap, who celebrated his 25th birthday recently. Now his 67-year-old father, Gumap Sati and the entire people of Mangu town in Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State, are left to mourn his mysterious and painful exit. Popularly known as Labista , his death has left his parents, close associates and fiancee devastated. 

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