How do other African countries see Nigerians? A Kenyan man and South African woman point of view.

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I’m a Kenyan. I’ve learned and lived with some 5 Nigerians in my study on campus and this is what I can observe from them:

  1. Nigerians are (NOT) loud. I don’t know if it’s their boldness that speaks volumes but whenever they talk, it’s kind of an argument yet it’s just a conversation they’re having. (Individual differences count a lot. You may have met 5 Nigerians who are loud but that isn’t a Nigerian thing. It is a personal trait).
  2. Their music is sweet. The afro-fusion genre is quickly recognizable and easy to dance along.
  3. Very industrious. They’re notorious conmen on the Internet. Besides that vice, they’re great entrepreneurial persons in Africa.
  4. They’re smart. Most of the learned people in Africa are from Nigeria. Undoubtedly, that can be attributed to their huge population. I mean, 182 Million people!
  5. Their pidgin accent. Alongside Ghanaians and some Cameroonians, they speak some horrible and disgusting English. It’s sometimes not easily understood. No hard feelings but I just hate that accent. It’s nauseating.
  6. Fashion. I envy their sense of fashion. It’s unique, African and has the identity of the Nigerians. I guess that also gives them a dose of their known bragging rights and flattery.
  7. Beard Gang. The majority of Nigerian men are bearded. Genes maybe? I guess right. Their women are also well endowed. I mean, which man on earth dislikes well-endowed ladies? Negligible.
  8. Literature. Most of the novels I love hail from Nigerian authors and novelists. Talk of Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Chimamanda Adichie, Cyprian Ekwensi and many more.
  9. Nollywood. I hate their films but I must give credits to their hard work in the industry. I hate the films because of the background soundtracks which are disturbing and regular characters. I mean, can’t they polish new characters? We’re fed up with Patience Ozokwo.
  10. Lagos that city is more than overpopulated. Damn.


I’m South African and used to stay in Sunnyside Pretoria, aka Lagos. I have a good number of wonderful friends, colleagues and acquaintances from West Africa that I met during university days, that I met now professionally as colleagues and clients, those people I know socially and I can safely say my former neighboring was 50% West Africans. My view of Nigerians are the following, in no particular order:

  1. They are well-spoken: yes there’s pidgin but most Nigerians are eloquent and expressive sometimes a bit over-the-top;
  2. They are quite industrious: but can also be cut-throat and unethical in business;
  3. They have a wonderful reputation for being scammers and conmen and this one is felt globally. Yahoo boys, email fraud, etc;
  4. Nigerians are well-traveled and will explore any avenue to make money elsewhere which is wonderful. But I do think it’s partially because of their adventurous and get-it spirit and coupled by the fact that millions of Nigerians are desperate to leave Nigeria for a better life somewhere else. And most don’t want to go back or they take long years to visit family. I know a guy who’s been here for 20 years and hasn’t visited, issues of papers, lack of money, etc basically excuses I know damn well he has money and can easily fix his papers. His mother has been begging for years
  5. I loooooove the West African diet. Omg, the food is soooo good and tasty, I’ve had many many soup dishes, Jollof with all kinda meat. I’m a foodie and love hot food so it makes sense;
  6. I love Nigerian music. I listen to a mix of Asa, Mr. Eazi with the delicious lips, Timaya, Harry Songs, Runtown whose just so fiiiiine, a few Davido tracks, love Tiwa and Wizkid;
  7. Nigerians have their many tribal prejudices and discriminatory attitudes but will come together against an outsider;
  8. I like the accent and Nollywood; the plots, plot- twist and magic I’m here for all that lol;
  9. Nigerians pride themselves in their sexual prowess; I mean I cannot even tell you the number of times I’ve been promised a great time in bed. Funny thing is I’ve never been in a sexual relationship with a Nigerian man, which is weird because I mean Nigerian men are hot. They just extremely economical with the truth and incredible womanizers;
  10. Nigerians don’t like parting ways with money when they do they’ll negotiate to the lowest possible amount,

11. I wanted to visit Nigerian for 2 weeks this December until I found out they don’t have a stable electricity supply, I don’t want to be trapped in a whole new country and be confined to a hotel room because the city is dark at night. I wanna be out and about hanging out with people soaking in the culture.



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