Eleven Bizzare laws in North Korea by Kim Jung Un

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Eleven Bizzare laws in North Korea by Kim Jung Un
Eleven Bizzare laws in North Korea by Kim Jung Un

1 Kim jung un is the supreme leader, the life and death of every other citizen is in his hands.

2 He controls the country’s resources without anyone checking on him, questioning or suggestion.

3 He controls the media, you can only broadcast what he permits.

4 No opposition during elections.

5 His dead grandfather is a god and every citizen must worship him and disobedience to this attracts death sentence.

6 Women whether married or not are shared to military personnels during national celebrations.

7 There’s a subject called Kim jung un. It’s a must pass for every student, the subject is all about the supreme leader.

8 None of the country’s citizens is allowed to leave the country without his permission.

9 No school is allowed to teach anything ‘western’. Korean culture or nothing.

10 Social media is banned and if caught attracts death penalty or lengthy jail term.

11 Only 3 hairstyle is available. One for him, citizens can only choose from the remaining 2.

God is the only Supreme Leader both the Universe and in Heaven. We should learn to acknowledge him as the only true God that supersede all other gods. The death of Kim Jung Un is a big lesson for other dictators all around the world. Read here

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