Ebe Worldwide Platform(EWP) donates COVID-19 relief palliatives to the less privileged people in Ebe town (video/photos)

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Ebe Worldwide Platform(EWP) donates COVID-19 relief palliatives to the less privileged people in Ebe town
Ebe Worldwide Platform(EWP) donates COVID-19 relief palliatives to the less privileged people in Ebe town

Ebe town, a new hope of Enugu State as “Ebe Worldwide Platform (EWP),” donates COVID-19 relief palliative to the vulnerable in Ebe. 

People of Ebe have done what has never been done before in any village in Nigeria.

The success of this project is, in large part, attributable to the collaborative efforts of sons and daughters of Ebe. The goal of their collaborative effort of reaching out to the vulnerable in Ebe is a huge success.

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May 16th, 2020 will forever be a memorable day for the community as the first phase of the distribution of the palliatives kick-off. The relief palliatives distributed to more than 370 families in the first phase attracted the presence of our security agencies, Nigeria Army, Nigeria Police Force, Civil Defence, and Ebe neighborhood watch to maintain public safety and peace co-existence during the exercise.  

The Ebe Worldwide Platform (EWP) Founder/President Hon. Dr. Jude Akubuilo, represented by the chairman of Ebe COVID-19 relief committee Rev. Fr. Ambrose Ofordile, speaking during the flag-off of the well-organized, COVID-19 compliant ceremony. The association charitable initiative was to reach out to the less privileged in Ebe to cushion the economic effect of the lockdown occasioned by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

He advised indigent to adhere strictly to all precautionary measures aimed at making sure they did not contract the deadly virus and show love to their neighbours as Christ is loved.

He further retaliated for some people, giving to charity isn’t on the top of their to-do list. They don’t understand what the point is, and they might even believe that their money won’t be used for any good. But they are wrong. If you have the financial means to do so, giving to charity is one of the most important things that you can do, especially when that charity is working to help underprivileged people around us. 

We are kicking off this project with a contribution of well-meaning sons and daughters of Ebe. In contrast, the bulk of the funds were raised via the esteemed members of Ebe Worldwide Platform (EWP), at home, and abroad, worked round the clock to raise this money, amounting to over 6 million nairas.

EWP was happy for the transparency and accountability in the administration of the funds. The first phase beneficiaries of the relief palliative distribution activity spanning seven villages in Ebe town of its conditional cash delivering to the most vulnerable in the community. In no distance time, the second phase of the distribution of the palliatives will kick-off.

Hon. Dr. Jude Akubuilo also urged other well-meaning Ebelians – individuals alike, to join hands in supporting the efforts to put poverty in check in our town, financially and otherwise. “Our people need us now more than ever. This is the time to come together and support our community.”

What we have done in our way is touching the lives of the people directly. The massive turn out of the people is a witness to the fact there is hunger. We cannot leave the care of people to the government alone.

The President-General Ebe General Assembly, Hon. Chinedu Mbah also said:“

If you have 2 million in your house, use 200, 000 to help people around you if you have #100, 000 use #10,000 to help people around you. We are living in an extraordinary time. In one way or the other let us think positives from the coronavirus situation. Also, he further calls on Ebelians to give out palliatives to the people in our community no matter how small to ensure food sufficiency in our community during hard times like this.

Ebenews correspondence interview some of the beneficiaries, elated by Ebe Worldwide Platform (EWP) gestures, expressed gratitude to all the people that contributed to this project.

According to one of them, “ I am very happy for EWP, and I pray that God will continue to prosper every Ebe son’s and daughter’s that contributed to this fund; this is a delightful thing for my family and me.

Another also said,” I am so happy that they selected my village to benefit from their excellent gesture, so I don’t know how to thank them. But I know that God will continue to prosper them.

Furthermore, according to another beneficiary, “I thank God for allowing EWP to come to our aid. These palliatives couldn’t have come at a better time than now as it will go a long way to reduce the hardship poor people like us are passing through at this difficult time. I thank EWP for finding us worthy and coming to our rescue at this crucial time we found ourselves we would forever be grateful,” she added.

The performance, too, is a collaborative effort of members of the Ebe COVID-19 Relief Committee with their unrelenting energy to make this project a huge success.

I am calling on other well-meaning individuals of other various towns/communities, especially in Enugu State, to emulate this kind of gesture Ebe people have shown to the down-trodden in their community. As part of efforts to alleviate the hardships being experienced by vulnerable in the society, especially women, widows, and those with health challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world.

“I thank all Ebelians who have in the past few weeks showered this kind of generosity that has never been experienced in the history of Ebe town.”

Also, I thank Rev. Fr. Ambrose Ofordile and his team for all their hard work. You have ensured the success of the palliatives, and Ebe has indeed become a shining light in Enugu State. 

Welcome to the new Ebe!

Watch the video below;

Watch more photos;

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From, Engr. Eric T. Udichi 


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