Ebe a forgotten town in Udi Local Government Council of Enugu State

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ebe town

Ebe town, which is a stone throw to the Udi local government council headquarters in Enugu state, lacks basic amenities like good functional healthcare facilities, tarred roads, constant power supply, pipe-borne water, and others. Put differently, it is sore and rusty.

Ebe a forgotten town in Udi Local Government Council of Enugu State
Ebe a forgotten town in Udi Local Government Council of Enugu State

Geographically, Ebe town sits in the centre of Ojebeogene which houses ten other communities –Awhum, Ebe, Abor, Umuavulu, Ukana, Okpatu-Ikeghe, Okpatu-Ibite, Umulumbge, Umuoka.

Ebe indigenes are hospitable and peace-loving people, 97% of the indigene is Catholic. Average Ebe sons and daughters are academically sound and have the highest number of Professors in ‘Ojebeogene’ but they were left out in political and government appointments in Enugu State.

To the people of Ebe, their case is clearly that of people forgotten despite their being close to the Nigerian brewery in Enugu State which is said to be the largest in the world, 7up Bottling Company, and Nigeria Coca-Cola Company.

The terrible situation in Ebe town did not start today. It merely worsened. As if they saw it coming, the community through self-help had financed a number of projects which include grading of the dilapidated roads which is usually washed off during the raining season, boreholes, maintenance of both governments primary and secondary schools, etc.

A visit by Ebenews during the yuletide season showed that the health center, is in a sorry state, no adequate bed for the patients, the building walls are all cracked waiting to the collapse in no distant time. While the rooms have been taken over by rodents. So, the facility’s functionality can, at best, be described as skeletal.

At the Community Secondary School, many classroom blocks have also crumbled and the whole place overgrown by bushes. 

Ebenews interview some of the indigenes which lamented the abandonment of the town not minding its nearness to the hub of biggest breweries in the world and a stone throw to Udi local government council headquarters.

To access Ebe town from the busy Enugu-Nsukka expressway, Ebe sons and daughters have expressed worry over the dilapidation of roads in the area, saying that the situation has made vehicular movement cumbersome. In a survey conducted by the Ebenews in the community, the people blamed the deplorable condition of the roads on poor handling culture by successive governments in Enugu State.

In fact, it would be literally easier for the biblical camel to pass through the eye of the needle than to use the roads regardless of the type of automobile during the raining season.

ebe road 1
An access road in Omadi village in Ebe town

Ebe indigenes, therefore, are appealing to the Enugu State Governor Rt.Hon.Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to use his good office, come to our rescue on the roads to alleviate the plight of the people of Ebe also provide other social amenities portable pipe born water and constant power supply. Read Here

The oldest building in the town Oboli Omadi 1415-2020
The oldest building in ebe town Oboli Omadi 1415-2020 a tourist attraction
The oldest building in the town Oboli Omadi 1415-2020
The oldest building in the town Oboli Omadi 1415-2020 a tourist attraction

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