Dozens missing as Cameroonian boat capsizes

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Dozens missing as Cameroonian boat capsizes
Dozens missing as Cameroonian boat capsizes

Dozens: A boat conveying at least 100 Cameroonian passengers allegedly capsized on Nigerian waters on Sunday, resulting in some casualties.

A spokesman of the Nigerian Navy Ship Victory, Sub Liutenant A. A. Amai, confirmed the incident to our Correspondent in Calabar on Monday night.

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“I am aware of the incident, but the information I got is sketchy.

“I don’t know the number of casualties yet,” he said.

He said the rescue operation was going on as of the time of the report.

It was gathered that the boat was conveying dozens of passengers when it ran into stormy waters and capsized.

Sources said the boat, with over 100 passengers and crew members, left Terminal C of the Nigeria Ports Authority operated by Shoreline Logistics in Calabar, the Cross River State capital, en route Cameroon on Sunday when it capsized in the Gulf of Guinea between Nimunda and Edina, in Cameroon.

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The boat was heading to Tiko Wharf in Cameroon’s Southwest region.

It was alleged that the boat was overloaded and that might have contributed to the incident.

Cameroon’s longtime president Paul Biya’s latest “private visit” to his usual retreat at the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva has sparked more than its usual mix of political controversy and quiet embarrassment.

Over the last decade, Biya, 86, who has been in power since 1982, has made the top floor suites of the five-star luxury hotel into his home away from home spending months at a time even as his country has slowly descended into conflict from Boko Haram Islamic terrorists in the north and an Anglophone-led insurgency in north- and southwest of the country.

The knowledge of his presence there has long infuriated various sections of Cameroonians at home, particularly in the opposition, but also in the Cameroonian diaspora in Europe who have been protesting in larger and larger numbers with each Biya visit.

When will the African leaders take the responsibility of making the lives of their citizenry better.

Selfishness and the quest to acquired wealth for the next generation of their children.


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