COVID-19: Hero nurse murdered in Canada’s deadliest mass shooting was pregnant

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COVID-19: Hero nurse murdered in Canada's deadliest mass shooting was pregnant
COVID-19: Hero nurse murdered in Canada’s deadliest mass shooting was pregnant

Kristen Beaton was one of the victims of the gunman Gabriel Wortman’s during a 12-hour riot across Nova Scotia between Saturday and Sunday which saw him also burn down homes.

Nick Beaton said his wife, who worked for Victorian Order of Nurses (VON), was treating patients of coronavirus on the battleground.

“She cried everyday before and everyday after work scared to bring this covid home to her son she loved more than I could even imagine anyone could love one person,” he said told daily mail.

As well as working as a heroic nurse, Kristen was also carrying the couple’s second child.

Nick said his wife was due to be on holiday from work this week and they were going to announce the news to their families.

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“Our son Daxton was going to wear a shirt and let everybody know,” explained a tearful Nick who had spoken to Kristen on the phone minutes before her death. 

Nick went on to describe gunman Gabriel Wortman – who was dressed as a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer and drove an old force cruiser – as “extremely cowardly”.

The grieving husband had had to heartbreakingly reveal to Daxton his mum had died and was now “in heaven”.

A  GoFundMe  page, meanwhile, has raised over $67,000 for the Beaton family in the wake of the murders.

Wortman’s killing spree took him across the eastern province, including the small town of Portapique where he lived, police said.

And though the motive is currently unclear, it is understood the 51-year-old had killed his ex-wife and her new partner first.

Police had initially believed there to be 19 victims, including veteran police officer and mother-of-two Heidi Stevenson.

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Kristen Beaton with the husband and son

But a further four bodies were found at five homes Wortman had set on fire.

The murderer had an obsession with the RCMP, nicknamed the ‘mounties’, since school and had collected related gear for years, including decommissioned cars at auction, it has been reported.

He even had a shrine to the force in his home, according to a friend.

He had used this horde of memorabilia to disguise himself as an officer, pulling people over on the road and shooting them as he drove through the province.

Chief superintendent Chris Leather said Wortman was able to move around “undetected” due to the vehicle he was driving looking “identical in every way to a marked police car”. Read here


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