How the cold war between China and the US is escalating

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How the cold war between China and the US is escalating
How the cold war between China and the US is escalating

The cold war between China and the United States have reached the most critical levels since the countries normalized diplomatic relations more than four decades ago, with the US government’s ordering that China closes its Houston consulate being just the latest example.

In defense, trade, technology, human rights, and other categories, actions, and reprisals by one side or the other have escalated sharply under US President Donald Trump’s administration, despite his repeated expressions of admiration for Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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The administration is even weighing a blanket ban on travel to the United States by the 92 million members of China’s ruling Communist Party and the possible expulsion of any members currently in the country, an action that would likely invite retaliation against American travel and residency in China.

“I think we’re in a dangerous and precipitous spiral downward, not without cause, but without the proper diplomatic skills to arrest it,” said Dr. Orville Schell, director of the Centre on US-China Relations at the Asia Society. The severity of the confrontation, he said, “has jumped the wall from specific and solvable challenges to a clash of systems and values”.

Mr. Craig Allen, president of the US-China Business Council, said he was alarmed by the increasing invective from two superpowers that together represent 40 percent of global economic output. “If we are yelling at each other and slamming doors, then the world is a very unstable place, and businesses are not able to plan,” he said. Read here


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