Chinese school makes students who come late to class pay a £1-per-minute fine or do 500 push-ups

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A Special Technical Secondary School in Xinzheng, China has enacted strict disciplinary procedures to discourage students from coming late.

Latecomers will pay a fine of £1 per minute and those who can’t afford to pay will have to do 500 push-ups instead.

The policy was said to be set up by the class’s supervising teacher to maintain discipline.  

‘Our class rules are strict, so what?’ A female teacher can be heard questioning a pupil who had complained about the fine in audio leaked by pupils.  

‘Even if you are late for half a second, you need to pay 10 yuan (£1),’ the educator continued.

She claimed the rules had been established during a meeting with all classmates and could not be changed. 

‘If you think it’s too expensive, that’s fine, you don’t have to pay,’ the teacher stated.

‘If you ask me if it would be okay to do push-ups and not pay, that’s fine. Do 500,’ she added.

Students would also be fined if they fall asleep in class, fail to dress neatly or leave their duvets unfolded in their dorm rooms, pupils said. 

During an interview, the female teacher explained that the class rules had been drawn up by students themselves. 

She also claimed that the money would be put towards a communal fund of the class.

The school said the alleged physical and financial punishment had not been approved by its management.

The PRO of the school let Ebenews reporter based in China, that important school officials had been notified with the latest development. 


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