Caption this photo of BBNaija winner Mercy Eke and Muhammed Dandashire Best Graduating Medical student ABU Zaria

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Ex-Big Brother winner Mercy is the person that poses on the nude picture which is been promoted by BBNaija reality TV show this has risen beyond a certain level of immorality and barbarism that could be considered averagely above board. They are daily descending into immorality that is polluting the mind of young Nigerians.


The resources used in promoting the show should be used for the development of the educational sector in Nigeria.

Big Brother Naija involves publicizing nude activities capable of triggering and promoting rape actions in our Citizens, particularly in our young ones. At the end of the show, the winner is gifty with Millions of naira.

The current winner Mercy Eke, since she won the popular TV reality show, it’s been from one endorsement deal to another.

Look at young Nigerian man Sale Muhammed Dandashire, who is the best graduating medical student 2019, ABU Medical School, Zaria. Not only that, but he also emerged the Best in physiology, best in Surgery, best in Haematology, best in Anatomy, best in Histopathology, best in a project, best in biochemistry, best in chemical pathology.

But he gets nothing from this massive educational achievement which is a positive attribute to the Nigeria society.

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Education is a very vital part of human welfare and existence. 

Education is the best legacy a country can give to its citizens. This is because only educated persons are enlightened and enlightenment leads to national and global development.

Nigeria deserves to promote its educational values. Our government should intervene before we completely lost our rich educational value at the expense of illicit immoral reality TV show.

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