British are heavier drinkers than most of the world and ingest almost one liter of unadulterated alcohol more every year than Americans

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British drink almost one liter more unadulterated alcohol each year than Americans, who ingest the average amount, a report revealed today.

Statistics released only once every two years show Britons over the age of 15 get through some 9.7litres of pure alcohol each every year.

This is equal to 108 bottles of 12 percent wine or 342 pints of five percent strength lager. 

The amount is 800ml of alcohol more than average for comparable countries – 8.9l – which people in the US are on par with.


Alcohol charities told MailOnline that, although drinking isn’t as bad in the UK as in many countries, there are millions of people who risk damaging their health with booze. 

The figures were revealed in the report ‘Health at a Glance 2019’ published today by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

ts report, which is based on alcohol sales for 2017, compared how many liters of pure alcohol are drunk by people in 44 countries around the world.

It revealed that after Lithuania, Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, and Ireland were the heaviest drinking nations.

While Turkey, Israel, India, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Colombia made up the bottom of the table, all drinking fewer than five liters each.

Lower than the UK were the most populated countries in the world – China, India, the US, Brazil, and Indonesia – making Britons some of the heaviest drinkers on Earth. 

‘High alcohol intake is a major risk factor for heart diseases and stroke, liver cirrhosis, and certain cancers, but even low and moderate alcohol consumption increases the long-term risk of these diseases.

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‘Alcohol also contributes to more accidents and injuries, violence, homicide, suicide, and mental health disorders than any other psychoactive substance, particularly among young people.’

The figures in the report also showed interesting relationships between how much different countries drank and how likely their citizens were to be alcoholics.

In the UK, for example, alcohol consumption was higher than average but the proportion of drinkers classed as ‘dependent’ was among the lowest.

‘This means that literally millions of UK drinkers are at risk of damaging their health in the long-term unless they cut down.

Source: dailymail


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