Beware of this scammer!

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If this is not posted someone among us here will fall a victim of this man’s lies and deceit.
This man’s name is Igwe Chimaobi and that is his so-called daughter. I accepted his friendly request months ago. When we started chatting, he told me that he’s in California and he can’t get to his mother through the phone because of snowfall. He now gave me his mother’s number to call her and give him feedback on facebook which I did. I also spoke with a little girl whom he said is his daughter.
Last week Monday, the woman (Igwe Chimaobi’s mother) called me and said her grandchild just had an accident, that Keke climbed on her leg and she has been rushed to the hospital. Later that day she gave another her phone to talk to me whom she claimed was the doctor, the doctor said that a deposit of #50,000 should be made to save the girls’ life. The acting was so real that I did not notice that this was a scam. I replied to everything that was happening back to this facebook friend of mine. He said I should help him pay the money that where he is he does not have access to his account that he will pay me back when he leaves his workplace on Friday. I did not have so I had to borrow because I didn’t want to blame myself if anything should happen to that girl.
Today is Tuesday and I’ve not received the Alert of the #50,000 I borrowed from someone. I can’t go out for the fear of being embarrassed by this girl o borrowed money from. Please anyone who sees his friend’s request should not accept him. I have learned my lesson and I do not want another to suffer from it.


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