Alex Ross-King swallows two MDMA capsules because she feared cops would catch her with the illegal drugs led to her death

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It is going to take a little time for me before I propose to mercy

A young woman Alex Ross-King swallowed two MDMA capsules because she feared police would catch her with the illegal drugs, an examination heard. 

Alexandra Ross-King, 19, was with her friends attending the FOMO music festival in Parramatta in western Sydney on January 12 this year. 

She was one of six young people to die after overdosing on drugs at music festivals across New South Wales between December 2017 and January 2019. 

Her death was reviewed by state deputy coroner Harriet Grahame on Friday, who urged Premier Gladys Berejiklian to reconsider pill testing.  

Ms. Ross-King purchased the MDMA from a local drug dealer and was pre-drinking with her friends before the music festival.

The young woman didn’t have breakfast that morning and proceeded to drink with friends when she swallowed a quarter of a capsule with alcohol.

Thirty minutes later she washed down another quarter with alcohol. 

About 12.30 pm, Ms. Ross-King was seen consuming another two whole capsules before entering the music festival grounds.  

‘She told her friends that because she was nervous about being caught by the police, she took the two capsules at once before entering the venue,’ Ms. Grahame told the inquest. 

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As she partied the day away, Ms. Ross-King appeared in good spirits to her friends while consuming vodka and Red Bull.

It all went downhill around 3.38 pm when she sent a bunch of frantic text messages to her friends asking them to find her. 

Eventually, her friends found her, and as she was following them, Ms. Ross-King’s breathing became erratic and said, ‘my legs aren’t working’ while clenching her chest. 

She was spotted by a medical officer who insisted she be taken to the medical tent where she appeared to be ‘critically unwell’, the inquest heard. 

Ms. Ross-King’s temperature had risen to 41C and showing signs of unmanageable large muscle movements, signs consistent with serotonin toxicity’. 

Paramedics placed ice-bags on her but she abusive and unpredictable, which her friends described as ‘uncommon’

Despite trying to cool her down, Ms. Ross-King’s breathing got more rapid and irregular, her pulse was racing and the temperature continued to rise. 

She was rushed to the hospital and lost consciousness when she arrived just after 5 pm.

Her body temperature had increased to a critical 42C with a low blood pressure which led her to be intubated and put on a ventilator. 

Within 10 minutes, Ms. Ross-King went into cardiac arrest but was unable to be saved.  

‘Approximately ten minutes after Alex’s arrival at Westmead Hospital, she went into cardiac arrest,’ Ms Grahame said.



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