2023 Presidency: I’ll support Amaechi if he comes back to PDP — Gov. Wike

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2023 Presidency: I’ll support Amaechi if he comes back to PDP — Gov. Wike
2023 Presidency: I’ll support Amaechi if he comes back to PDP — Gov. Wike

River state Governor Nyesom Wike has disclosed that despite the misun­derstanding he has with his predecessor and Min­ister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, he would support him 2023 presidency ambition if he comes back to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on which podium he gov­erned Rivers State for eight years.

“I am a party person. So, if he is running on the plat­form of PDP for the presidency, why won’t I support him? I cannot do anti-party at this level to support a non-PDP candidate,” he said.

On zoning of the PDP presidential ticket to the North, Governor Wike said the National Execu­tive Council (NEC) of the party had not taken a final decision.

“We will come together to resolve issues because we are a family. Outsiders cannot do things that will divide us.

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“What we are interest­ed in now is how we can remain united to take over power from the APC that has failed Nigeria.

“The APC should not be allowed to continue to keep the country in its present calamitous state. We want to take over to move Nige­ria forward,” he added.

Wike said he was not nursing the ambition of running for the office of the president of Nigeria any time soon as insinu­ated by some section of the media, adding that the speculations linking him to presidential ambition were distractions.

“Right now, I am focus­ing on delivering the divi­dends of democracy to the people of Rivers State.

“Recall that in 2018 and 2019, when I was support­ing my friend, Aminu Wa­ziri Tambuwal, it was spec­ulated in the media that I was going to run with him.

“That was my first ten­ure, and I had not even com­pleted it, and they wanted me to give that away.

“To clear every specu­lation, let me state that I am not going to run for the office of the president of Nigeria for now.

“I am concentrating on developing Rivers State. I am not a party to anybody, saying that the problem in the PDP is about 2023.

“That can be the prob­lem in the APC because it is the ruling party. This is the last tenure of Mr. President, and he is going, so people are hustling to take over from him within his party.

“The PDP has nothing to do with that because the way it is now, we are taking over from nothing.

“Now, I just started my second tenure, and you’re talking about the presi­dency.

“When that enters anybody’s head then that person will not be able to provide the dividends of democracy to the people.

“And that is the problem you see in APC because ev­erybody is thinking of tak­ing over from the president instead of concentrating on doing their work.

“They don’t even know the minds of Nigerians. But because of the kind of politics we play, people feel since Mr. President is leaving, they do not want his party to lose out.

“How will someone in an opposition party begin to contemplate running for the presidency when I still have time to provide things for my state.”

On former Vice Presi­dent Atiku Abubakar as­piring to contest for the presidency again, Gover­nor Wike said it was a fun­damental right that cannot be denied, noting that it was too early to determine who would fly the presiden­tial flag of the PDP because the focus was on how to get the party more organized to secure more po­litical seats.

“I am not interested in who wants to run for now. I am more impressed that PDP should become more organized. Read here


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