Instagram is set to implement a new feature in which images that have been photo-shopped will be labeled as “false information.”

The photo-sharing app will begin determining the authenticity of an image using “a combination of feedback from our community and technology.”  After that, the image will be passed on to third-party independent fact-checkers, and if they determine that the image has been altered, a “False Information” warning message will be added to the post.

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In a statement, a spokesperson for Facebook (who owns Instagram) said the images won’t be totally hidden but will be labeled when a fact-checker has rated it.

“We don’t hide content because it’s photoshopped, we apply a label when a fact-checker has rated it. Upon review from the fact-checker, they changed the rating, so it is no longer being labeled as false on Instagram and Facebook.”

The spokesperson also added that the photoshopped images will not be removed, but will only be hidden from Instagram’s Explore and Hashtag pages and automatically flagged in future posts. Read Here

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