A lawyer Wilfred Marodza, 28, has been jailed for fourteen years after he dragged a student to a forested area and raped her.

Wilfred Marodza, 28, aim the woman in the early hours of 20th July after she spent the night celebrating getting her first degree. He threatened to kill her before making her go naked and raping her in woodland in Borough, south east London. She managed to escape, but he chased her and told witnesses they were having a ‘domestic’ before raping her again.

She fled for a second time and got into a taxi that took her to a police station. An hour later Marodza targeted a second woman, 25, who was waiting at a bus stop in Borough High Street. He put his hand over her mouth and forced her into Globe Street, but ran away when she started screaming.

Marodza was caught after leaving his rucksack which contained his ID for his offices with law firm Cripps Pemberton Greenish.

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A doorman at a bar where he had been drinking described Marodza as ‘having an attitude and harassing people’. Prosecutor Edward Lucas said: ‘Random females described unwanted sexual advances before asking for numbers, grabbing bottoms, gripping arms and boasting how much money he earned that week. ‘He went out with one purpose and one purpose in mind.

Speaking about the attack, Mr. Lucas said: ‘She describes being at a pub and on her mobile phone on the High Street. He grabbed from behind with his hand on her mouth saying:

‘Shut the fuck up! If you scream I’m going to kill you. ‘She felt herself being dragged through the church square to Dicken’s Field, not far from this court. ‘He told her to remove her clothes, told her he was going to kill her and bury her there if she shouts. Read Here

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