13 dreadful things that have happened on Friday 13th

13 dreadful things that have happened on Friday 13th
13 dreadful things that have happened on Friday 13th

Here are 13 unfortunate things that have happened on Friday 13. 

A British 13-year-old was struck by lightning on Friday the 13th, at 13:13. 

On Friday 13 August 2010, the BBC reported a teenage boy was struck by lightning at Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival at exactly 13.13. The unnamed boy suffered a minor burn and was taken to James Paget Hospital where he was expected to make a full recovery.

Two planes crashed on the same day – resulting in deaths and cannibalism 

A flight from Uruguay to Chile crash-landed in the Andes on October 13, 1972. In the following days, survivors were forced to choose between eating the bodies of dead passengers or perishing themselves. 

Another flight vanished and was never discovered 

A Swedish flight disappeared while flying over the Baltic Sea on June 13, 1952. The government said the plane was performing a training exercise, but 40 years later a story in the National Geographic said it was spying on the Soviet military. A Russian pilot told a Swedish diplomat that he had shot the plane down – but its body was never found.

Buckingham Palace was bombed during WW II 

German forces bombed Buckingham Palace while the King and Queen were home on September 13, 1940. Even though the event was traumatic, Queen Elizabeth reportedly stated she was ‘glad’ it happened because it meant she could look ‘the East End in the face.’

Man who stayed in bed to escape Friday 13th dies in a freak accident 

New York resident Daz Baxter decided to stay home on Friday, August 13, 1976, because he was scared of any bad events happening to him. Sadly, his plan came to a tragic end when the floor beneath his bed collapsed and he plunged six floors to his death

The founder of the Ku Klux Klan was born 

From Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, some great people were born on Friday 13. But sadly, some terrible people share their birth date, such as Nathan Bedford Forrest, Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan.

The Stock Market Crashed 

Most people know ‘Black Friday’ as the last Friday in November when retailers compete for Christmas shoppers’ attention with flash sales. But originally it was reserved for Friday 13 October 1989, when the stock market experienced a ‘mini-crash’ after the buyout of United Airlines fell through 

A disaster day for businesses 

The mini-crash of 1989 is not the only Friday 13th that saw the economy suffer. Recent studies have suggested the economy slows down on Friday 13th as people are less likely to make purchases or take risks. A survey by the Guardian in 2015 found people are less likely to fly, invest, propose or get married on Friday 13th because they are convinced the day is so unlucky. One in 10 people said they would avoid attempting to organize a romantic date while a more than a third said they wouldn’t buy a lottery ticket.

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Black Friday Bushfires 

Another day in history dubbed ‘Black Friday’ was on January 13, 1939, when bush fires swept through Victoria, Australia, killing 71 people. 

500,000 people die in Bhola cyclone – triggering a civil war 

Lots of natural disasters have occurred on Friday 13th, but the worst was the Bhola cyclone that hit Bangladesh on November 13, 1970 – the deadliest cyclone in history. It claimed the lives of an estimated 500,000 people and wiped out 45% of one specific region. But n addition to being deadly, the cyclone is credited with jump-starting a civil war, as the Pakistani mismanagement of the relief efforts was considered a huge event in the fight for Bangladeshi independence.

Tupac Shakur dies 

Rap icon Tupac died on Friday, September 13, 1996, after he was shot four times while in his car in Las Vegas six days earlier. 

Friday 13th part III was released 

Friday 13th Part III was the only film in the Steve Milner trilogy to get released on its name date – and it had a mixed reaction. Released in 1982, it knocked off E.T from the number-one spot and became the second highest-grossing horror film of 1982. That being said it was slated by critics and was the least popular of the three films in the Friday 13th trilogy. 

The cruise ship sank off the Italian coast 

The Costa Concordia sank into the ocean on January 13, 2012, killing 32 people. Reports at the time said it was the largest passenger ship ever wrecked, with almost double the amount of people on board than on the Titanic. Read Here


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