Catholic Knights in the final parade ceremony in honour of Brig. Gen. R. C. Ani (pictures/video)

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One of the most important ways the Catholic Knights support each other is through prayer, especially at the time of death. Catholic Brother Knights demonstrate their fraternity in an exemplary measure as they pray and honour for their departed brother Brig. Gen R C Ani and console the members of his family.

Very Rev. Fr. Ikechukwu Ani said in his homily. The massive charity which HRH Igwe RC Ani always renders has a personal touch to him, that our fallen brother has touched so many lives positively and inspired him in many ways, Igwe Ani is a man to identify with.

He continued, “In prayer, we seek for our beloved dead precisely what God our Father seeks for him and us our eternal salvation. We ardently pray and ardently hope for the eternal salvation of those who have gone before we marked with the sign of faith.”

Since Catholics believe in the communion of saints, which includes those on earth and the souls in heaven and purgatory, praying for the dead is a form of being our “brother’s keeper,” he noted. “The first way to show love for those who have died is not to presume that they have already reached heaven and then neglect to pray for them. We must pray for them the perfect prayer of the holy sacrifice of the Mass.”

The Memorial Mass was offered at St. John’s Catholic Church Ebe In Udi Local Government Council of Enugu State.

The first and second readings were taken by the Grand Patron and the daughter of fallen brother Brig. Gen RC Ani. Here

Watch pictures and video below;

igwe 5
igwe 4
igwe 7
The first and second readings were taken by the Grand Patron and the daughter of fallen brother Brig. Gen RC Ani
igwe 8
Very Rev. Fr. Ikechukwu Ani in his homily
igwe 9
Final parade ceremony in honour of Brig. Gen. R C Ani by the Catholic Knights after Holy Mass and Meeting
igwe 3
Igwe 1
Igwe 2 1

Watch the video below;

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